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The role of the adult cannot be underestimated when working with children and projects. Some misunderstandings occasionally arise around working solely with children’s interests and wonderings – misunderstandings that seem to remove the adult from the process completely. But the educator’s role is vital. It is the adult who helps children to see things in relationship, to be intentional and to create the contexts for making meaning. What are some ways we can re-think our role to ensure our daily practice is a true process of co-construction?

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

Discuss and unpack with colleagues the role of the adults in your setting - as questioners, listeners, provokers, designers and co-researchers

  • Think about planning and projects in a way that is responsive, engaging and intentional, making connections to curriculum documents, as well as listening to children’s thinking and theories
  • Develop strategies for creating contexts and environments that support this way of working
  • Assist and inspire people in your setting to engage with project work and documentation to nourish and support a team approach



This course aligns with:

  • QA 1: Educational program and practice
  • QA 6: