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It takes some courage to step outside of our comfort zones and give ourselves permission to dream about 'utopian landscapes'. Landscapes, a staff room that acknowledges staff need spaces to rest, eat, socialise and write. An outdoor playground that affords children the opportunity to engage in productive, explorative play in a forest of trees, a family meeting space that ensures privacy… what visions have you been dreaming about? How might you achieve your dream?


In this presentation, participants will learn not only to dream about their rooms and sites but to plan on how to make their vision a reality.

Upon Completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand what the authorised officer will observe and discuss.
  • Learn more about what is required for teh exceeding themes
  • Be confident when answering questions particularity when Wasabe has just put her finger up Kale's nose?
  • Promote the features of your program without going weak at the knees.