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The environments and spaces we provide for the children can have a dramatic effect on the learning, engagement, and the development of meaningful relationships within that environment. They also say a lot about us as educators. What does your environment say about you and your team? An effective learning environment encourages learning through play with a rich set of materials and learning opportunities. An effective environment will also be responsive, containing features that involve all five senses and provoke thinking, open-ended outcomes and creativity. They should also be child friendly and based on the needs and requirements of the children, not so much the educators. This webinar will take you into the aesthetics of learning, and its impact, and give you the prompts and ideas to ensure your environments are child-centred and high quality.

Completing Creating beautiful spaces for children & learning will contribute one hour of PD addressing Standard 4 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Professional Practice Standard 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

4.1 Support student participation

4.2 Manage classroom activities

For information regarding teacher registration and accreditation contact the teacher registration board in your state.