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Meet the Theorists


As an educator, the NQF expects you to articulate the thinking behind your professional practice.  Part of this thinking can include consideration of theoretical perspectives and an awareness of how these inform your decision making.  For many, ‘theory’ can seem confusing, complex and intimidating. This session will look at some of the key theoretical approaches and big ideas that have historically underpinned Early Childhood educational approaches and pedagogies, discuss them in accessible ways and consider what they might mean in practice.  We will use specific and concrete moments of practice to ‘play’ with these ideas and think about how they can shape, challenge and transform possibilities to see how theory can be practical, powerful and fun!

Completing Meet the Theorists will contribute one hour of PD addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and aligns with the NESA criteria for Elective PD.

 NESA Elective PD:

  • Enhanced teaching practice to effect positive change and impact on student/child learning progress and achievements
  • Involved opportunities to give and receive feedback and/or undertake self-reflection and reflection on the teaching practices of others
  • Research based and evidence based 

Alignment with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Professional Knowledge: 
APST 1: Know children and how they learn
APST 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
APST 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

For information regarding teacher registration and accreditation, contact the teacher registration board/institute in your state.

This webinar also aligns with:

Alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework - Principles
Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Early Years Learning Framework – Practices
Adopting holistic approaches
Intentional teaching
Assessing and monitoring children’s learning to inform provision and to support children in achieving learning outcomes

Alignment with the National Quality Standards

The National Quality Standard
QA 1: Educational program and practice