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COVID, drag queens and child activists - how cultural competence can help us navigate values, politics, identity and our practice in a post-truth world


We seem to be living in an increasingly fragmented world - where there are many ‘truths’ and perspectives.There are fierce debates over bush fires and climate change, religious freedoms and multiculturalism, over the role of drag queens and gender, COVID and vaccinations. These aren’t just occurring in the broader culture but are coming into our daily lives and practices as early childhood educators. How can we see this as an opportunity to celebrate and enable rich, vibrant diversity? How can we create culturally inclusive spaces in our curriculum in ways that honour and engage with our lived experiences and those of our children and families. While these issues are complex and challenging, during the webinar, we will be exploring grounded, practical and energising ways to work with these issues in our daily curriculum, including unpacking some rich practical examples. You will walk away stimulated, provoked and challenged, but also optimistic, energised and full of possibility!

Completing COVID, drag queens and child activists - how cultural competence can help us navigate values, politics, identity and our practice in a post-truth world will contribute one hour of PD addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and aligns with the NESA criteria for Elective PD.

NESA Elective PD:

  • Enhanced teaching practice to effect positive change and impact on student/child learning progress and achievements
  • Involved opportunities to give and receive feedback and/or undertake self-reflection and reflection on the teaching practices of others
  • Research based and evidence based

Alignment with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Australian Professional Teaching Standards
Professional Practice: 
APTS 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
Professional Engagement:
APTS 7: Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

For information regarding teacher registration and accreditation, contact the teacher registration board/institute in your state.

This webinar also aligns with:

Alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework – Principles
Partnerships with families
Respect for diversity
Ongoing learning and reflective practice
Early Years Learning Framework – Practices
Cultural competence – valuing the cultural and social context of children and their families
The EYLF Learning Outcomes 
Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of security
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Alignment with the National Quality Standards

The National Quality Standard
QA 1: Educational program and practice
QA 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities