• Mon 21 Feb 1:00 PM AEDT - 2:00 PM AEDT

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    WORDS CREATE WORLDS - Guiding children’s challenging behaviours and feelings through emotion coaching
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WORDS CREATE WORLDS - Guiding children's challenging behaviours and feelings through emotional coaching


Young children, babies and toddlers encounter big emotions, as a course of natural development and due to the difficult times we currently face. Often, these emotions translate to challenging behaviours and we are left wondering how to respond. How can we help children navigate, articulate, and learn from their emotions? How do we respond beyond 'You’re okay' or 'Use your words' to defuse uncomfortable emotions and challenging behaviours?

This webinar will introduce the art of Emotion Coaching to support children (and ourselves!) in times of stress. The 5 steps of an emotion coaching approach will be introduced, with strategies for including these in daily pedagogy. The purpose of emotions will be discussed and ideas shared for how we can coach children and build their emotional and wellbeing literacy. Join us to learn how our words can create worlds of empathy, regulation and autonomy for children.

Completing WORDS CREATE WORLDS - Guiding children’s challenging behaviours and feelings through emotion coaching will contribute one hour of PD addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and aligns with the NESA criteria for Elective PD.

NESA Elective PD:

  • Enhanced teaching practice to effect positive change and impact on student/child learning progress and achievements
  • Linked to clear and relevant goals that are related to improving student/child outcomes
  • Research-based and evidence-based


Alignment with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

Professional Knowledge
APST 1: Know children and how they learn
Professional Practice
APST 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning 
APST 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

For information regarding teacher registration and accreditation, contact the teacher registration board/institute in your state.

This webinar also aligns with:

Alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework - Principles
Secure respectful and reciprocal relationships
High expectations and equity
Early Years Learning Framework - Practices
Responsiveness to children
Intentional teaching
Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

Alignment with the National Quality Standards

QA 2: Children’s health and safety
QA 5: Relationships with children