Helping people become their best

Semann & Slattery believes that coaching and/or mentoring is a powerful form of personal development that can help people become better at what they do professionally.

We offer coaching and mentoring because you can:
▪  focus on areas particular to your setting or context
▪  address your specific skill gaps or challenges
▪  develop new skills and practice them between sessions
▪  learn deeply in a way not possible in short professional development sessions
▪  be assured that your coach or mentor is tailoring the professional learning to your needs or the needs of your organisation or company
▪  use it in combination with other types of professional learning including assessment and tailored training courses

We offer coaching and mentoring via:
▪  face to face
▪  telephone
▪  skype
▪  a mix of all of these ways!

Our coaches:
▪  are experts in a range of areas including leadership, management, and education
▪  have tertiary qualifications in coaching
▪  are skilled at one on one and group coaching
▪  are caring and compassionate