Helping people become their best

Semann & Slattery believes that coaching and/or mentoring is a powerful form of personal development that can help people become better at what they do professionally.

We offer coaching and mentoring because you can:
▪  focus on areas particular to your setting or context
▪  address your specific skill gaps or challenges
▪  develop new skills and practice them between sessions
▪  learn deeply in a way not possible in short professional development sessions
▪  be assured that your coach or mentor is tailoring the professional learning to your needs or the needs of your organisation or company
▪  use it in combination with other types of professional learning including assessment and tailored training courses

We offer coaching and mentoring via:
▪  face to face
▪  telephone
▪  skype
▪  a mix of all of these ways!

Our coaches:
▪  are experts in a range of areas including leadership, management, and education
▪  have tertiary qualifications in coaching
▪  are skilled at one on one and group coaching
▪  are caring and compassionate



Semann & Slattery was engaged to develop two 12-month professional learning programs for Explore & Develop centre owners, nominated supervisors, and room leaders. The program aimed to support business owners to run and manage highly effective teams and to develop nominated supervisors and room leaders’ people and pedagogical leadership skills. In each of these programs, participants met for a full day once a month over 12 months. Individual coaching sessions for both sets of participants were scheduled between the monthly training sessions. Coaching was geared towards their development as leaders, with each person setting a more specific and personally relevant goal according to their role, setting, and local context.

Semann & Slattery provided a series of one-on-one coaching sessions via phone for an education and care service director in a regional community. The director sought coaching to enable her to refine and develop her skills and confidence in communicating with her team. The sessions were spaced to enable the Director to implement strategies to address issues such as communicating messages more clearly to the team and responding to staff conflict and performance issues.

Canterbury City Council engaged Semann & Slattery to coach the Director of Punchbowl Children’s Centre, Karen Whitehorn, as part of her professional development. The director has met with her coach over a seven month period to explore increasing her leadership skills and confidence. Actions are agreed upon and then worked on between sessions. The outcomes are then analysed in the next session: what worked, what didn’t and is progress happening towards Karen’s overall coaching goal? "After 35 years in the early childhood field coaching has given me the opportunity to gain another professional’s perspective, discuss relevant ideas, thoughts and possible solutions in an uninterrupted space, at a convenient time for my coach and for myself. The follow up sessions allow me to give and accept feedback and open my mind to other possible outcomes, approaches and practices. I feel equipped with skills to be a stronger and more focused director." Karen Whitehorn, Director, Punchbowl Children’s Centre

Semann & Slattery was engaged to provide one-on-one mentoring for over 20 NSW Inclusion Support Facilitators (ISFs) working in the Inclusion and Professional Support Program between 2010 - 2014. The ISFs received individualised support via a series of five one-hour mentoring sessions to assist them to develop the skills needed to do their jobs - supporting educators from education and care services in the inclusion of children with additional needs in their settings. Mentors focused on key skills needed by the Inclusion Support Facilitators such as how to ask effective questions, set goals, develop action plans and support positive change.

This project aimed to build the capacity of Council’s Children and Family Services team leaders to undertake their role via coaching delivered to the entire group. Team leaders participated in monthly group coaching sessions for 12 months. The Council’s team leaders completed a Realise2 strengths assessment and received an individual debriefing ahead of the group coaching sessions  because there is compelling research evidence of the benefits of using strengths in the workplace is to enhance performance at work and promote greater well-being.

Semann & Slattery worked with 30 leaders and aspiring leaders in education and care services in Western Australia and the Northern Territory being supported by Child Australia via the Inclusion and Professional Support Program. Participants attended three professional development workshops and engaged in three individual coaching sessions via phone in between the sessions. The program aimed to equip leaders to increase positivity (and reduce stress!) in the workplace by increasing their own levels of hope and optimism as a means to sustain leadership of the services.