Helping you develop your skills

Semann & Slattery are professional development experts — especially for educational settings. We provide a highly acclaimed (and patronised) calendar of courses and conferences each year across Australia. Did you know though that we also provide tailored professional development for organisations, institutions and companies like yours?

We offer:
▪  individual training events
▪  team building days
▪  professional learning packages
▪  Practice Plus (whole team workshops + pedagogical coaching)
▪  specialist conferences

We cover a huge range of topics – anything you find in our courses can also be run at your organisation.
Topics we are often asked for include:
▪  survival skills for management and leaders
▪  educational leadership
▪  documentation of children’s learning
▪  intentional teaching
▪  play based learning
▪  creating inspirational play spaces
▪  having hard conversations
▪  relationships with children
▪  relationships with families
▪  children’s behaviour

Our presenters and facilitators are:
▪  skilled
▪  experienced
▪  innovative
▪  knowledgeable and
▪  dynamic!


Coaching and Organisational Development

Our clients often see the potential for transformation and growth. Not only at an individual level but also an organisational level. A Victorian family day care scheme has commissioned Semann & Slattery to undertake an organisational review to assist them to improve how they undertake their work. In addition they identified the need for coaching services for the CEO and service manager. As part of this year of coaching for each of these leaders, we have used a Hogan Leadership Assessment.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Our staff work with a range of individual clients providing leadership coaching and mentoring services. Why do people come to us for coaching or mentoring? They see potential in themselves for growth and development and understand that one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to bring in support from experts who understand the psychology of coaching and mentoring, but also who have sound knowledge of leadership and management. We are currently providing a range of organisational leaders from government, non-government and private enterprises with coaching and mentoring. Working across all States and Territories we work from 6 months to two years with each leader. We get a lot of referrals for this sort of work because we achieve exceptional results!

Group Mentoring

Semann & Slattery has been working with the senior leadership team at Keysborough Primary School for two years providing leadership mentoring and individual coaching. The aim of this group mentoring is to provide strategic support and advice to build the leadership skills of the senior team. We are also working to ensure the school’s culture creates exceptional outcomes for children by supporting the teaching staff to excel at all that they do.

The support is provided via whole group mentoring sessions, group professional learning and one on one coaching for the principal.  The intervention is resulting in an improved school culture, greater accountability mechanisms across the school and a more conscious leadership approach amongst the senior leadership team.