Helping organisations transform

Semann & Slattery is committed to providing clients with solid evidence on which to act to help fix organisational dilemmas, societal issues or community challenges . We undertake social policy research and consulting for a wide range of clients about communities, children, young people, families, the organisations who work with them and the projects they provide.

We specialise in research and consult about:
▪  community needs
▪  children but not young people
▪  families
▪  education
▪  pedagogy
▪  inclusion
▪  organisational leadership
▪  policy design and evaluation

We choose research and consultation processes to give your organisation the data and the answers you need, including:
▪  quantitative research, such as surveys and questionnaires
▪  qualitative research, including focus groups, interviews, video conferencing and arts-based inquiry
▪  focus groups
▪  social impact assessment
▪  stakeholder engagement

We can help you undertake:
▪  feasibility studies
▪ social plans
▪ project and program evaluations
▪  teacher and practitioner research
▪  service planning
▪  needs assessments